February 3, 2019

Minutes of All Ministries Meeting First Parish Congregational Church, UCC 12 Beach St, Saco, ME 04072

Date: February 3, 2019 Timing: This meeting began at11:30and adjourned at12:50.
Item Discussion Summary Statements
Approximately 25 people attended the meeting representing all three ministries and a majority of of the teams making up those ministries.

Opened the Meeting Bob Mohlin
Bob opened the meeting thanking people for attending. He stated that he believes that there are issues with the governance because participation by the teams has not been consistent.Further discussion will be held later in this meeting.

Team Involvement inthe Website Developemnt Al Sicard
It is important to have updated information in the new website. Al Sicard of the Good News Team explained the necessity of each team carefully reading the current website to see what information needs to be changed or added to make the new website up to date and accurate. One person from each team/…

All Ministry Meeting March 11, 2018